Cre8ive Finance is a leading provider of financing solutions employing its years of experience to satisfy your residential, commercial and international financing requirements.

From the moment of your initial contact with a Cre8ive Finance professional until settlement of your financing your every requirement is handled by a team of professionals – credit adviser, loan processor, bankers, assessors, valuers and settlement experts. This team of professionals is dedicated to providing you a seamless finance solution to meet your requirements.

Lilly Stojkovic is the Executive Director of Cre8ive Finance Pty Limited.

Lilly has over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry in Australia and overseas including residential mortgages, commercial lending, vehicle loans and international finance.

She is licensed by ASIC and accredited by MFAA as a Credit Adviser.

Lilly is accredited with over 40 different lenders which provides her access to conventional bank lenders as well as specialist lenders which makes Cre8ive Finance the solution for your residential, commercial, vehicle and international financing requirements.

What Does a Credit Advisor Do?

We look at how your finances can best work for you. This means that you are fully updated on all options open available to you.

As a mortgage manager we work between you, the borrower and the lender. Not only do we negotiate the loan but we will manage the entire process on your behalf. From the initial application stage to formal approval ready for settlement of your purchase or refinance.

How much does it cost?

A consultation whether it be residential, commercial, construction or a vehicle loan is absolutely free.

Once you want to proceed with a loan generally there is no fee either.

For commercial, non-standard and vehicle loans a fee may be applied however this is discussed openly with you before any steps are taken to secure finance.

Who are you accredited with?

  • Our ASIC Australian Credit Licence has been held since 2010
  • We belong to MFAA
  • We are a member of Connective aggregation group, which provide strength for us whilst still being an independent company
  • We also have individual accreditation with all our lenders
MFAA Approved Credit Adviser
Credit Ombudsman Service
MFAA Full Member

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