At Cre8ive Finance we offer a variety of financial services to meet your needs.

We are able to manage all your loan requirements whether you are Self Employed or an Employee.

Sometimes things do not go to plan and your credit rating may not be perfect. We can help find the right loan for you by performing a Home Loan Health Check at any time.

Home Loan

Types of Loans

Residential Loans

Owner occupied

First Home Buyer


Home Renovation

Investment Home

Holiday Home


Family Pledge Home Loans

Bridging Loan

Margin Lending

Commercial Loans

Property Investment

Factory Purchase

Industrial Property

Hotel / Motel

Property Construction/Development

Vehicle Loans

Car Purchase or Leasing

Truck Leasing

Motor Bike Loans

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Credit Files

Your credit file basically holds information relating to your credit history – yes, even the naughty and nice details. So if you’ve ever applied for credit or a loan, you’re likely to have a credit file held by a credit reporting agency like Veda.

Your file includes both personal identification information, as well as credit-related information. It includes information that may be used by lenders as part of the credit assessment process, such as previous applications you’ve made, names of lenders currently providing credit to you and details of overdue debts.

You are able to request a report from VEDA or we can to do this on your behalf.

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